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Guide/ Expedition Leader/ Photographer/ Visual Artist 

Artist Bio: Marlo Rose Mcconnell Shaw


After I graduated from the University of Victoria, I quickly entered the world of wildlife guiding. From 2017 - 2020 I guided seasonally in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia and near the boreal treeline in Churchill, Manitoba. During this time, I picked up wildlife and landscape photography as a part of my work day. When I wasn’t guiding or traveling I had been known to experiment with different art mediums at home. 


My art has been a therapy for me through my entire life. It has helped me illustrate frustration, work through adversity, and bring calmness into my days. My journey as a photographer has taught me patience and precision, two skills I certainly do not naturally have in spades. 


Terrace B.C was my summer playground while growing up. I am so glad to have now settled here and can call the northwest my full time home. The wild rivers and untouched mountains provide all kinds of inspiration to me. When I take my camera out on the land here I feel more connected to my family, my history and to myself. 


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Instagram: @marlosha

Runner up - Grizzly Bear Photographer of the Year

Grizzly Bear Foundation - 2018



T- 1(780)- 722-8681

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