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Artwork by: Marlo Shaw

Hosted by: Terrace Art Gallery


Oil Painting

Artist Statement

 I'll Never Stop Learning

This collection is a cumulation of works and photos that I have created over the past 4 years. In many ways, I feel this collection shows my development as an artist over time. 


I hope that these works will also bring some justice to the stillness and wildness of this region. There is nothing quite like looking right into the eyes of a grizzly bear. Nothing like feeling the wind off the wings of a bald eagle as it flies by. Nothing like waiting patiently for the eruption of a whale from the depths of an inlet. Creating this kind of intimacy with the grandeur of the Great Bear Rainforest is something that would make anyone question who they are and where they are going. 


These photos and paintings were created and hung in the traditional territories of the Tsimshan, Gwa’sala - Kakwaxda’xw, Cree, Dene, Metis, and Inuit peoples.

I would like to dedicate these works to my late grandmother, Bonnie Shaw. She loved this region and the Terrace Community. We shared a love for good food and poetry and she was an early supporter of my artistic journey. All of the paintings in this collection were made in the studio that I created in her old bedroom.

Ready to see the inventory?





Here is a video of me on the first of four days of gallery set up. Jaylenne came by with her camera and we chatted about some of the photos.


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